Day 1: Morning notes

Wilks on the DL

Dustin Wilks was not present in the long line of boats waiting to take off this morning at Lake Sam Rayburn. After driving all night, Wilks and his wife Mary were two hours away from home when his fellow pros took off for the first day of competition. He was on his way to his orthopedic doctor's office to have an injured elbow examined.

After having arthroscopic surgery during the off season, Wilks said he experienced some kind of injury last week at Lake Amistad.

"It feels different from the pain I had before. Then it was a bone pain and this is in the tendon," Wilks said. "I don't know what I did to injure it. I've been over and over everything I did but I can't think of a single thing."

The pain was great enough that Wilks went to see a Texas doctor after arriving at Rayburn.

"This local doctor told me to quit fishing. Well, you know I didn't like that answer so I'm going home to see my own specialist who is one of the best doctors in the southeast," Wilks said.

Wilks will see his doctor today, but is determined to stay in the Elite Series.

"I'll be back. Don't worry."

Monroe slowing down

After his dramatic win on Lake Amistad last Sunday, Ishama Monroe and second place finisher Fred Roumbanis left Del Rio, Tex., headed towards Jasper a few hours after the weigh-in was over. But Monroe didn't get far before the blue lights slowed him down.

"I was following right along with Fred and I got pulled over," Monroe said. "We were traveling together so we were both going the same speed but the officer said I was going faster."

Although he couldn't talk the officer out of a ticket, he shouldn't have any problem paying the fine — if he can get his $100,000 winning check cashed.

"Nobody will cash this check," he joked. "They all think it's fake or something."

Weather watch

The skies were threatening at this morning's launch as a high pressure system approached from the northwest. Rain began threatening as the last competitors took off. Thunderstorms are forecast for the afternoon with hail and strong winds. According to weather.com, the thunderstorms should start around 11:00am, becoming strong around 2:00pm.